Monday, June 23, 2014


This was one of the first projects I did for the house - well before we even moved in. They've been sitting in the closet for weeks, so I was thrilled to finally put them up!

First, I ordered some vintage milk jugs on ebay. I got a matched set of 2. They were from the same company, Parmlee Bros, although the actual bottles are about 15 years apart in age.

I then spent the next god knows how many hours of my life trying to find a shade holder. (Task #1 - figuring out that the metal thing that holds up a glass shade is called a "shade holder.") I finally settled on a style and ordered a few - only to find that, surprise surprise, they weren't really made to fit on milk bottles.

Then a minor miracle happened.

Just when I was despairing of ever finding an unusually deep shade holder, I met a contractor at the house for a totally different reason. On her way out, she casually pointed to the grandma's-special old chandelier in our dining room and said "I bet that would be really pretty if you popped in some different glass shades. Those holders are a standard size."

I looked up and lo, there were indeed four vintage shade holders.  And there was much rejoicing.

I cannibalized those pieces, which turned out to be an absolutely perfect fit for my bottles. Huzzah!

Then I just needed a few bits and bobs - cheap sockets and canopies from the hardware store, and I splurged on some sexy vintage style cloth covered twisted cord.


It only took a few minutes to wire them up - and then I waited several weeks for the electrician to install a circuit for them and for us to pass electrical inspection. Then Brett graciously took on the working-over-his-head parts by hanging them.

Here's a close up, so you can admire our lovely handiwork:

I love filling our home with handmade, homemade,things - we're building the memories right in! I'd love it if everything in our house had some kind of emotion tied to it; something that reminds us of a person or a memory or a moment in history. I'm getting there, one project at a time.

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