Friday, June 6, 2014

Moms Rock!

What. A. Week.

It feels appropriate that today is D-Day, because we've spent the last week storming the beaches of our new house. Yes, it was moving week, otherwise known as "my personal definition of hell."

First, unlike any move we've done before, we had to get several large projects done before we could move in. First, floor had to be sealed and have time to dry (and YES it is DONE!) Super exciting, but it meant that we had to wait several precious days before we could actually move stuff in.

Beautiful, beautiful floors!

Then the ick had to be literally chiseled - yes, chiseled - off the kitchen cabinets, and we wanted to get as much painting done as possible before we had to work around furniture.

Lots of cabinets - yay! Lots of cabinet doors to paint - boo!

And then, in the midst of all that of that, we had to, y'know, actually pack and move all our stuff. No big.

*stuffs face in a pillow and screams*

Did I mention that I really, really hate clutter?

I took the entire week off of work, but basically this would have been a complete disaster if my mom hadn't come to visit. My husband works like a horse, but he could only be around evenings and weekends. My mom basically scrubbed our house top to bottom, and then proceeded to do the same thing for our rental, while also making sure that we didn't starve and the dog didn't destroy the house. She also set up our kitchen, which is now the only organized spot in the entire house. We would never have gotten this done without her! Thanks, mom!!

At least we finally got the stove out of the mudroom, and actually hooked it up! We have a functional kitchen appliance! Now we just need a sink, countertops, a dishwasher, and a fridge...

I never knew an appliance could be so beautiful... *sniff*

This week will be mostly unpacking, but hopefully we'll get through that and have some exciting updates about our projects. We're doing some really nifty stuff to the walls, and the kitchen should come together pretty quickly once the countertops arrive.

Back to unpacking!

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