Tuesday, June 17, 2014

If 2 tsp is 2/3 Tbsp, What's 2/3 of a Kitchen?

Our kitchen is .... drumroll please ... 2/3 done!

Okay, no drumroll. That's not really a particularly impressive accomplishment. But when you'e washing your dishes in the bathroom sink, you celebrate where you can.

That said, the things we got done this weekend do really transform the space. I can actually see what our finished kitchen is going to look like. All the lights turn on, and there are no holes in the ceiling. I can actually cook on the stove AND put something down on the counter next to me. It looks like an unfinished kitchen, instead of an unfinished disaster zone.

First, we started installing our countertops! We got these gorgeous Boos Block butcher block slabs from the creatively named Butcher Block Co. Our original plan had been cheap Ikea or Lumber Liquidators counters, which we would stain and/or refinish. However, we have this very long, wide peninsula and couldn't find a piece big enough at either of those two spots. I've seen some bloggers splice together a couple of pieces, but we weren't sure we could pull that off.

We did some poking around, and discovered to our surprise that Boos Block was actually one of the most affordable options for finished pieces in our weird sizes. (Perfect Plank Co had the very best prices, but they ship unfinished, and we were worried that would not mesh well with our damp climate.)

So we fixed down 3 of the 4 pieces. They are so lovely!!! And actually pretty easy to install. We cut them to size on our borrowed portable table saw. Because wood needs to expand and contract, they actually only have a couple screws in the back holding each piece in place. Thankfully, butcher block weighs precisely a kajillionty pounds, so they're not going anywhere.

What we haven't done is put in the huge, 100+ lbs slab that needs the sink cutout. We got this gorgeous undermount farm sink off Craigslist (bless you, Craigslist!) - which means that cut has to be PERFECT. Now, I'm great at smashing stuff, and Brett is awesome at banging things together, but neither of us are particularly confident in our get-it-absolutely-perfect-the-very-first-time skillz.


 Thankfully we found a fabulous local guy to bail us out, and he's going to help us cut the sink hole this weekend. We'll caulk the heck out of everything, and then we will have ALL THE COUNTERTOPS!

We also installed the pendant lights I made. I'll write a separate post about those.

Now please excuse me while I get a snack out of the refrigerator in the mudroom, and then wash my plate in the bathroom.



  1. Measure twice, cut once. Did Conway teach you nothing? You have major cut-once-dont-screw-up-skillz!! Glad to see the red and white dream is still alive and kicking!

  2. Try "Measure 1,732 times, start cutting, panic that you're not getting it perfect, slow down too much, let the blade burn the piece you're working on, try not to cry while you're shoving the rest of it through the table saw once."

    Red+White 4Eva!