Sunday, May 25, 2014

Well, Well, Well.

These last few days, it's been all about the well. Our 100-year old house came equipped with the original, brick-lined, 100-year-old well. It looks like the kind of well where you'd make a wish on a coin and throw it in.

Charm aside, therein lies the problem... you actually could throw a coin into our well. Or, you know, a raccoon. Or a person. Because it had no top.

We knew when we bought the house that the well had flunked basically every test we ran on it. Bacteria? Check. Poor flow? Check. A gaping, dangerous hole filled with several feet of water in the middle of our yard? Check.

So we were prepared to put a bunch of time and money into it, and though it's not glamorous or really photo-worthy, it's super important to get done before that looming June 1st move-in date.

To date, we have:

  • sealed the top (which turned out to be ENORMOUSLY expensive because, shockingly, they don't make prefab covers that fit hand-dug century-old wells)
  • installed a UV filter 
  • Spent two days digging a giant trench in the backyard to accommodate buried conduit for the power to the well pump - because that cord had just been lying in the grass. Found that one out after the lawnmower had already run it over...

Well, that was harder than it had to be...

I also had this fantasy, which I now realize is clearly insane, that hiring contractors worked like this: you do your research and find a reputable person. You call or email them. Within 24-48 hours, they respond via your preferred method of communication. They schedule a time in the next week or so, do the work, and you give them a reasonable amount of money. Done.

HAHAHAHHAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wah. 

Except for our electrician (the reliable, friendly, accessible - and pretty darn cute - Eric of Ocean Electric) it's taken multiple days, phone calls, emails, and hassle to get anything done. Result: it's been a slow and unproductive few days, there's an uninstalled water heater in our basement, and I'm crabby and tired.

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