Sunday, May 18, 2014

From Destruction to Construction; or, I May Yet Survive This

Wahoo! We have moved on to actually putting things together, instead of just strategically destroying them. Not that I dislike destruction, mind you - I have a BFA in tech theatre, and striking the set is everyone's favorite part - but I was starting to panic about being ready to move in two weeks from now.

I'm going to live like this forever. 

So I am happy to announce that we are DONE with the breakfast bar! After cutting it down, we spent much of this weekend making it a level, strong support for the countertops. The light switches (which were previously in kind of crazy locations) have been combined into one switch at the end of the bar. We even re-installed the cabinet we had to remove and lower to fit under the newly-lowered top.

Here's a very manly Brett at work, installing that nice flat top:

The corner cabinet back in place:

We also did a ton of housekeeping stuff - got the floor cleared off for the refinisher next week, pulled up the last of the carpet tacks and nails, took down the old light fixture that I'm cannibalizing for parts (more on that later), and lots and lots of shop-vaccing. Seriously, how did I live without a Shop-Vac???? Those things are AMAZING. I'm pretty sure that large rolling canister holds a very hungry, very thorough demon trapped inside. 

I feel so relieved! Getting this done and being ready to move forward is such a weight off my mind. I feel like I can really start thinking seriously about next steps now, instead of secretly worrying that we're never really going to get there.

So, upcoming projects:

- Building pendant lights for kitchen
- Patching drywall (lots and lots of patching, in the ceiling no less... hoo boy)
- Figuring out how on earth to build a structure that can support our bajillion-pound ceramic undermount sink. Suggestions, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


  1. It looks like you're making wonderful progress! I wish I had photos of the support built underneath my cast iron tub - I'm sure something like that would work for you sink. I do have a selection of drywall patches that I don't need - Can I send those your way?

  2. Sure, thank you! I can definitely put those patches to good use :-)