Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Demo Begins

We closed on the house Monday afternoon ... and Monday evening, we started demo! Ok, so patience isn't exactly one of my virtues.

The first piece we removed from the house

Step one: Remove the '70's-esque curved breakfast bar, complete with wood paneling and harvest-print wallpaper. Seriously, what was this thing even for? It's not deep enough to use as a bar. Apparently someone thought it was awesomely decorative.

(So decorative, in fact, that they drywalled a curved piece onto the ceiling to match. Guess what's coming down next?)

It's actually been tricky to figure out in what order to do things. Once we take each step, I feel like I can see what should be next, but it's hard to see the whole outline in advance. Brett's better at it, but we still don't have a clearly laid-out plan. We might make one this week. Let's see how organized/motivated we are.... I really just want to bash stuff with the sledgehammer. I will not comment on how that may or may not relate to my work day.

Here's how it looked at the end of the night:

Breakfast bar, top and cladding removed.

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